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Relax on the ramp

Slipping and sliding on the boat ramp is now a thing of the past.

Launch and retrieve with ease.

Boatcatch™ is a unique coupling device that allows you to quickly and efficiently launch or retrieve your boat onto its trailer without setting foot on the ramp. Click here to find out more.

It vastly reduces the dangers, wasted time and stress inherent in traditional launch and retrieval methods. It's made of high strength, 100% marine grade stainless steel, this very attractive and innovative product will revolutionise your launch and retrieval.


Boatcatch uses a solid pin to "positive lock" your boat onto the trailer. We do not use hooks as they can unhook on ramps that are not smooth, or if your boat is moved around by waves whilst on the trailer. WE WANT YOU TO MOVE YOUR TRAILER UP AND DOWN THE RAMP USING ONLY THE BOATCATCH TO HOLD YOUR BOAT IN PLACE. Boatcatch can never come unlocked.

Quickly launch.

Have your boat off the trailer and ready to go, stationed in the water in under 20 seconds. No longer waste time holding other people up on the ramps.

100% marine grade steel.

Boatcatch is made of the highest quality marine grade stainless steel providing a very attractive and sturdy quality product.

Safe & stress free.

No more stepping out onto slippery boat ramps and putting yourself at risk of injury or humiliation.

Two sizes.

Available in two different sizes to suit both small boats under 6 metres long and large boats 6 metres and over in length.

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